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Spay Tan


Mystic Tan Kyss

Mystic Tan Kiss is an advanced sunless tanning product that provides a natural, streak-free tan in as little as ten minutes. This fast-drying, easy-to-apply formula is enriched with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated all day long. Available in three shades, Mystic Tan Kiss is the perfect tanning solution for those who want to look and feel their best without the potential harm of UV exposure

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Before Mystic 

Luminous Light 

Magical Medium

Dazzling Dark

Mystic Tan Bronzers

Honey Bronzer.jpg

Warm brown with gold undertones.

Island Bronzer.jpg

Cool brown with violet undertones.

Mocha Bronzer.jpg

Warm brown with caramel undertones.

Kona Bronzer.jpg

Warm brown with cool violet undertones.

Sun Bronzer.jpg

Warm brown with peach undertones.

Balancer & Scents

Add a balancer that balances the skins PH for a even, deeper, darker tan and scents for a spark of fragrance. 

Sunless Tan Preparation

The Night Before

  • Shower

  • Shave (as desired)

  • Exfoliate

  • Moisturize

Before Coming In

  • Remove All Jewelry

  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

After Care

  • Remove Blending Cream

  • Avoid Tight Clothing & Getting Wet

  • Rinse after 6 - 8 hours

  • Moisturize Frequently

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