Your perfect bed awaits!

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Level 1- 20 minute bed


Watch out! The leader of the low-pressure division has arrived! Lightening quick and power packed with 20-100 watt lamps in the base and 18-120 watt 2 meter lamps in the canopy.  The Touchdown will drive every kick-off deep into its opponents end zone.  With its effective and powerful Soltron fan, this S-Series quarterback is sure to have tanning fans standing in their seats!

Perfectly suited for winning, due to its impressive appearance, micro-effective finish and athletic features, the Touchdown will produce winning results every time.  Consider the Super Bowl won!


Level 2- 15 minutes

The Winner Takes It All

Get in shape with a real Champ! Featuring 38, 120-watt Soltron high-tech lamps, 3, 400-watt facial tanners, unique Soltron 2 PSR filter technology and intuitive reflex neck tanner,


Level 3- 15 minutes

Fired Up
With 40 Soltron 140-watt high-tech lamps, 3 facial tanners at 400 watts, plus the special Soltron 2 PSR and filter technology, the Hot Pepper offers everything that sets the S Series apart.

A reflex neck tanner and the pleasantly refreshing Soltron fan are included with this model. This outfit is sharp and spicy: the Hot Pepper sports a sizzling high-gloss finish with zesty, extra-hot interior lighting. Spice up your lifeCreating new text blocktest


Level 4- 12 minutes


Level 5- 12 minutes

What A Catch
The Shark Mattress Xtra is a Great White with great comfort. High-pressure UV performance with the most comfortable tanning surface in your salon makes it the ideal combination for any tanner that demands the ultimate in luxurious tanning pleasure. The 20, 520-watt high-pressure units in the canopy provide biting performance. Combined with the newly developed Shark technology, they ensure that your customers are tanned with the optimum ratio of UV-A and UV-B rays. Add to that the vertical spaghetti lamp shoulder tanner and you have an amazingly powerful bed.